Tosu and Kiyama Course

Tosu and Kiyama

Tosu and Kiyama Course

StartShin-Tosu Station


Shin-Tosu Station Shin-Tosu Station (30 min.)

The newly opened Shin-Tosu Station for the Kyushu Shinkansen is located about 4 kilometers west of JR Tosu Station.

The first thing to catch your eye is the exteria design of the building in the motif of bird wing. In front of the station, rises 133m-high Asahiyama, and from the observatory deck up here the station looks like a bird spreading its wings.

By Car (20 min.)

Ochozu-no-taki Falls Ochozu-no-taki Falls (30 min.) Ochozu Falls, on the southern foot of Mount Kusenbu, is a beautiful 22-meter waterfall. Known as hallowed ground since the Muromachi Period, the name Ochozu Falls, which literally means "The hand-washing waterfall" originates from the legend that monks used to come here to wash their hands and cleanse their bodies. The beautiful, cold, clear water is a favorite spot to escape the heat in summer. There are many wild birds in the area, making it ideal for bird watching, but there is also a walking track, a small arbor, a campsite downstream and a river pool with free admission. Moreover, ther area around Ochozu Falls is a treasure box of precious flora. The dense thicket is worth particular mention as a spot along the Kyushu Nature Trail.

By Car (25 min.)

Tosu Berry Forest Tosu Berry Forest (60 min.)

A tourist strawberry farm located in Tosu city. This farm features 'multistage high-set cultivation', so anyone, from young to old, can pick strawberries while standing. Since the fruit does not touch the soil, you can eat it as is, under hygienic conditions and fresh.

You will find delicious strawberries from Saga, including popular varieties, such as the 'Saga-honoka'. Strawberry picking season starts in early January and ends in mid-May.
※ Holidays: Mondays. If you plan to visit on weekends, it is recommended to make a booking, as the farm might be very crowded. (TEL +81-942-50-6739)

By Car (35 min.)

Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum Nakatomi Memorial Medicine Museum (60 min.)

In the past, Tosu's so-called "haichibai-yaku", a marketing system of medicine left at home by a salesman, and paid for when used, flourished as much as Toyama’s did. The city's relationship with medicine has been long and strong, with the pharmaceutical industry being one of the major industries in Tosu these days.
Italian sculptor Cecco Bonanotte designed the museum building, which is a contemporary style of architecture using stone and glass. Herbs and various medicinal grasses and bushes are grown around the building, where the peaceful and calm surroundings make visitors feel as if they were in an art museum.

This is a rare museum in Japan that exhibits the costume of medicine merchants of the past, traditional tools for making medicine, medicine advertising boards and other items related to medicine.


By Car (5 min.)

Tosu Premium Outlet Tosu Premium Outlet (90 min.)

This is Kyushu's largest outlet shopping mall featuring stores of 150 prominent brands from Japan and overseas.

You can enjoy Outlet shopping in the facilities designed in a Spanish Colonial style, modelled after a beautiful town in Southern California, with fresh air and bright sunshine.

Tosu is also strategically located, with good access from anywhere in Kyushu by road and by rail, so many people from afar come to visit. It is a popular spot for overseas visitors as well.

By Car (15 min.)

Daikouzenji Temple Daikouzenji Temple (30 min.)

Daikouzenji Temple is a temple of the Tendai Sect established by Gyoki and is well known for its azaleas, which gives it another name, 'Tsutsuji-dera' or literally, 'The Azalea Temple'. The azalea garden, an area of 75,000 square meters behind the main temple, becomes totally covered with around 50,000 azaleas from mid-April to early May.

Daikouzenji Temple is also famous as a spot to appreciate the beautiful autumn leaves and it receives many visitors all year round. Moreover, Daikouzenji Temple houses several culturally significant artifacts.

These include the wooden Komokuten Statue and the Wooden Tamonten Statue, both of which are designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan and enshrined in the National Treasures Hall.


By Car (20 min.)

GoalShin-Tosu Station

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