Saga Retrokan

Saga Retrokan

Saga Retrokan History of the Saga Retrokan building
- 1887: First built near the present day prefectural head office as a police station headquarters
- 1936: Relocated to the current site in line with the rebuilding of the police station headquarters
- After this, the building was used as the Saga Silk House, Saga Region Economic Agency, an audiovisual library and so on.
- Became the Saga Retrokan in 2009.

※Saga Prefectural Government website

● Facilities

・Cafe/Bar (1st floor)
Serves you with “Saga Komekko Sand” made from rice flour produced in Saga in addition to Japanese and black tea from Saga. You can also enjoy local sake in a fancy atmosphere at night.

・Bakery (1st floor)
Offers you bread fully made from flour or rice flour produced in Saga. Tasty and characteristic bread includes “Onigiri bread” that looks like a rice ball in shape.

・Suvenior shop (1st floor)
Offers you processed foods from local ingredients, selected local farm products, 13 mixed grains produced by a farmer Katsuhiko Takedomi, and many other safe and secure specialties unique to Saga.

・Restaurant (2nd floor)
Serves you with a Western-style course with local ingredients to allow you to enjoy the taste of Japanese seasons. You may select rice mixed with 13 grains produced by a farmer Katsuhiko Takedomi or with seasonal ingredients. We hope you enjoy our healthy and beautiful cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

・Free space (2nd floor)
The space for local residents suitable for the exhibition of local potters or small concerts and performances.

● Address: 2-8-8, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga (in front of Saga Castle History Museum and NHK Saga Broadcasting Station)

● Access: 5-minute drive from JR Saga Station or 20-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Saga-Yamato IC
*Nishitetsu Highway Bus “Wakakusu” (between Fukuoka and Saga) runs to Saga Castle History Museum only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

● Contact: Saga Retrokan
Tel: +81-952-97-9300
Fax: +81-952-97-9301


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