Saga Castle Town Hina-Doll Festival

Saga Castle Town Hina-Doll Festival

Saga Castle Town Hina-Doll Festival This doll festival heralds the coming of spring to the castle town of Saga. Dolls and ornaments once owned by the Nabeshima domain are exhibited in all their grace and elegance, and the dolls clad in garments made with the "Nabeshima Pattern", which was once used in the uniforms of Saga Domain public servants, exude sophistication and dignity, giving admirers a sense of Saga's history. Moreover, the dolls made of hand-woven Saga Nishiki, which is a traditional craft of the region, are delicate and gorgeous. These dolls are displayed in historical buildings of the Edo, Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods, such as the Saga City Cultural Museum and Chokokan.

● Period: Mid-February to end-March

● Venue: Chokokan Museum, Saga City Cultural Museum (Old Koga Bank, Old Koga Residence, Old Ushijima Residence, Old Sansho Bank and Old Fukuda Residence), etc.

● Contact: Saga Sightseeing Association, Tel: +81-952-20-2200

● Reference websites:
Saga Sightseeing Association website:
Chokokan Museum website:


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