Kunenan Mansion

Kunenan Mansion

Kunenan Mansion Kunenan is a national scenic spot renown for its beautiful autumn leaves and was originally the holiday home of a Saga businessman named Taro Itami. The name "Kunenan" or literally "9 Year House" derives from the fact that Kunenan was built over a 9 year period from 1900 under the guidance of Hotori, a priest of Zen Buddhism. Azaleas, maple trees and more are planted in the gardens around the Sukiya-style residence, with the Chikushi Plains in the background. The naturally-growing moss, trees and carpet of juniper haircap moss complement the atmosphere beautifully. Kunenan used to only open to the general public for only 9 days every year in the middle of November, the best season for appreciating autumn leaves, but now it also opens for the season of fresh greenery.

Open between: November 15 - 23


● Address: 1696 Ikuwa, Kanzaki-machi, Kanzaki-shi, Saga

● Access:
From train station: 15-minute taxi or bus ride from Kanzaki Station on the JR Nagasaki Main Line
Car: 15-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Higashi-sefuri IC (temporary parking lot available while open to the public)
Coach: 15-minute walk from Nagasaki Expressway Kanzaki stop

● Contacts:
Division of Forest Development, Saga Prefectural Government, Tel: +81-952-25-7134
Division of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Kanzaki City Government, Tel: +81- 952-37-0107
Kanzaki-City Tourism Association website:


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