Higata Yoka Park

Higata Yoka Park

Higata Yoka Koen Park Ariake Sea is a place which nurtures many precious lives, including fish and shellfish, wild birds and salt plants. Higatayoka Park is situated on the Higashiyoka coast which overlooks Ariake Sea. This park is one which utilizes the abundant nature of the area such as the tidal flat of Ariake Sea and shichimenso plants to create a peaceful haven, a place of interaction and a place to get close to nature. Korakuan is a building within the park which captures the eye. It is the reproduction of a commoner's house from the end of the Edo period characterized by its uniquely-shaped "jogo tani" roof. Jogo Tani (funnel) style roofs are unique to the Saga plains and get their name due to the hole in the center of the roof resembling a funnel. They are an extremely rare design whereby rainwater passes through a pipe and is drained off outside. Inside Korakuan you will find old agricultural tools and other items on display, a tea room and a video introducing the Ariake Sea. Moreover, Heisei-no-Matsushikyo is a reproduction of a stone dike which was established in the former Higashiyoka village during the development of Saga plains after the Meiji Period and there are pine trees planted here as protection against the wind. Higatayoka Park offers plenty more ways for people, young and old, to have fun, such as the grassy square, grass skiing area, fun bicycles, large-scale combination play apparatus and wading pond. The sunset visible from this park's lookout has the power to soothe the heart.


Higata Yoka Park: 2885-2, Shimokoga, Higashiyoka-cho, Saga-shi, Saga

● Access:

From train station: 30-minute taxi ride from Saga Station on the JR Nagasaki Main Line
Car: 45-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Saga-Yamato IC

● Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00

● Closed: Mondays (or the following day if a Monday falls on a public holiday) and December 29 - January 3

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 217 cars (free of charge)

● Contacts:

Saga South Construction Office, Tel: +81-952-45-1804
Higata Yoka Park Administration Office, Tel: +81-952-45-5366


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