Hizen Vidro

Hizen Vidro

Hizen Vidro Hizen Vidro is a type of glass vessel. Its history dates back to the end of the Edo Period, when the scientists at Seirengata, a laboratory established for the purposes of canon manufacturing, began fabricating glass vessels in order to research vessel fabrication using chemicals. Unlike Nagasaki Vidro, Hizen Vidro utilizes a technology taken independently from Dutch and Portuguese literature. Hizen Vidro uses a technique known as "Japan Blowing", which shapes glass into objects by blowing alone, without the use of molds. First, the artisan transfers the melted glass from a 1300 degree C. kiln and places it in a "fukizao" (long pipe). At this time, the melted glass is like mizuame, or water candy, but it hardens in no time at all once exposed to the air. Swiftly blowing air into the pipe before the glass has a chance to harden is where the glass-blower's skills are put to the test. Turning the pipe slowly, the glass-blower forms the glass like magic. Nowadays, the Japan Blowing style can only be seen at Soejima Glass Kogyo in Saga city. Free tours to view glass-making are available upon reservation. Since long ago, Hizen Vidro has played an intimate role in peoples lives in the form of practical items under the name of Saga Glass, however now, along with daily glassware, Hizen Vidro is popular as souvenirs or gifts in the form of wine glasses with cobalt blue, ruby, etc., folk art cups, water jugs, long-neck vases, beer glasses and so on. Do enjoy the beautiful colors of Hizen Vidro, which change slightly depending on the light.

● Access:

From train station: 15-minute taxi ride from Saga Station on the JR Nagasaki Main Line
Car: 20-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Saga-Yamato IC
Bus: Get on Saga City Bus bound for Hisadomi via Kaseshinmachi or Shinrin Koen at Saga Station Bus Center, get off at Nishitashiro stop, and walk for 5 minutes

● Tour to See Glass Making: Free of charge (reservation required)

● Opening Hours: 9:00 - 18:00 (factory tour ends at 17:00)

● Closed: 2nd and 4th Saturdays and all Sundays and public holidays

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 3 cars (free of charge)

● Contact: Soejima Glass Kogyo K.K., Tel: +81-952-24-4211


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