Kitagata Shiki no Oka Park

Kitagata Shiki no Oka Park

Kitagata Shiki no Oka Koen Park Kitagata Shiki-no-Oka Park is a waterside park with flowers which bloom wildly in all four seasons and lush greenery. The park is situated on hilly ground beside the scenic Yakimai-tameike Lake. Each of the seasons offers a different type of enjoyment, such as Hanami-no-Oka (Hanami hill), where flowers bloom in an abundance in springtime, the little creek, Seseragi, which provides a cool respite in the hot summer months, Koyo-no-Tani (Autumn foliage valley), ideal for a stroll in autumn, and Shibafu Hiroba (grassy square) and Fureai Hiroba, where you can play sports or run around to your heart's content in winter. From the lookout, visitors have a panoramic view of Yakimai-tameike Lake, and grand mountains such as Mount Kishima, as well as the Rokkaku River which snakes from east to west. Moreover, the resource center in the park exhibits tools once used in the coal mines and farming tools not seen much in recent times. Why not come and enjoy a peaceful day running, jumping, climbing or just sitting and chatting with friends in a beautiful setting? This is a park where everyone, young and old, can seek solace.
* Every year on the last Sunday in April, the "Shiki-no-Oka Festa in Kitagata" is held. There is plenty of fun to be had during this festival, such as sport events, experiential classrooms and flea markets. Bring your family and friends!

● Access:

From train station: 5-minute taxi ride from Kitagata Station on the JR Sasebo Line
Car: 5-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Takeo-Kitagata IC
Bus: 10-minute walk from Yutoku Bus “Akasaka” stop

● Opening Hours:

[Shiki no Oka Park]

8:30 - 21:00 in summer (April 1 - October 31)
8:30 - 17:00 in winter (November 1 - March 31)
[Museum (observation deck)]

8:30 - 17:00

● Museum Closed: Mondays (or the following day if a Monday falls on a public holiday)
December 29 - January 3

● Entry Fee: Free

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 100 cars (free of charge)

● Contact: Division of Planning, Kitagata Town Office, Tel: +81-954-36-2511


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