Mt. Kurokamizan

Mt. Kurokamizan

Mt. Kurokamizan Mount Kurokami offers a splendid contrast between barren rock and clusters of green trees. There are plenty of things to see at Mount Kurokami, with the view from Chimachibo Park's Oiwa and Meiwa Rocks being particularly precious. The peaceful, deep forest and mountains form a scene just like a Shan shui painting. Here you can take in plenty of deep breaths and feel as one with nature in both body and soul. Ryumon Gorge on the western foot of the mountain is another recommended spot. The boulder protruding from the summit is called Tendo-iwa. Once on top of this boulder, you will be greeted with a breathtaking view and on clear days, even be able to see as far as Mount Unzen. There are still Buddha statues, temples and other objects befitting of a sacred mountain where Yamabushi (ascetic hermits) once pursued spiritual practices. Because this area was sacred ground not overly exposed to humans, it is a treasure trove of rare plants, including the natural monument of a Kanekoshida plant and many more. With accommodation in the form of the Chimachibo Park Camping Ground and Kurokami Shonen Shizen-no-Ie, this is a place which we want visitors to spend the night at and enjoy at a leisurely pace. The area surrounding Mount Kurokami is also designated as a Prefectural Nature Park. The park contains the two dams of Ryumon Dam and Arita Dam, as well as the Kyushu Nature Trail, which cuts across the park's center.


● Access:
From Train Station to Mountain Trail: 20-minute taxi ride from Mimasaka Station on the JR Sasebo Line
Car: 35-minute drive from Nishi-kyushu Expressway Hasami-Arita IC or 35-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Takeo-Kitagata IC
Bus: Get on Saihi Bus or Yutoku Bus bound for Imari at Mimasaka Station on the JR Sasebo Line, get off at Miyano stop, and walk for 120 minutes

● Free entry

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 15 cars at the trailhead and 8 cars in Chimachibo Park

● Contact: Yamauchi Town Tourist Association, Tel: +81-954-45-2511


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