Narukami Hot Springs "Nananoyu"

Narukami Hot Springs "Nananoyu"

Narukami Hot Springs 'Nananoyu' Crisp, clean air and an outstanding view of scenes which will fill you with an immense feeling of freedom and sense of the season.
Narukami Nananoyu is a hot spring located in Nanayama, Karatsu city frequented by many people, young and old. This is a simple, highly alkaline hot spring (PH level of 10.1). It is characterized by its thick feeling water and also known as Bihada-no-Yu, or "beautiful skin bath".

● Admission Fees (including bath tax);
500 yen for adult (junior-high school student or older)
300 yen for child (at 4 or older)

*Discount by 100 yen applicable to entry after 17:00

● Coupons:
Coupon with 10 tickets: 3,500 yen
Coupon with 5 tickets: 2,000 yen

*Valid for a year from the date of issue

● ZENIca (Nananoyu original prepaid card)
3000 ZENIca (discount by 13%): 3,000 yen => 3,400 ZENI
5000 ZENIca (discount by 15%): 5,000 yen => 5,750 ZENI

*Accepted at any checkout throughout the venue (to pay for admission, meals or suveniors)
*ZENIca cannot be used for purchasing coupons

● Fees for Family Bath (admission fee separately required)
Application by visit: 1,000 yen (within an hour)
Reservation by phone (weekdays only): 1,500 yen (within an hour)

*Applications by visit for the Family Bath are acceptable only at the reception
*Reservations by phone are acceptable only on weekdays

● Fees for Japanese Rooms (admission fee separately required)
Middle- or small-sized room: 1,500 yen per room (within 2 hours)
*700 yen is added every hour for extension of time.

■ Contact:
Narukami Hot Springs “Nananoyu”, Tel: +81-955-70-7070


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