Botan to Midori no Oka Park

Botan to Midori no Oka Park

Botan to Midori no Oka Park Botan-to-Midori-no-Oka is a park named after the "Kirigo Botan" legend of Hata, who ruled this land around 400 years ago, and his wife. A Japanese garden designed in a hill-and-pond circuit style, the park is packed full of 5000 peony consisting of 109 different species, and 30,000 Chinese peony, consisting of 30 species. 30,000 in total. There are other beautiful flowers to be enjoyed throughout the year, such as plum, sakura and hydrangea. Beside the garden is "Kodomo-no-Mori", with various athletic play equipment and "Mura-no-Hiroba", which is a rest area designed with a farm feel. Moreover, at the top of "Miharashi-no-Oka", above terraced fields lined with stone, sits a giant stone statue called "Shishi-no-Mori". This is the perfect place to bring a lunch and spend all day with the family.

■ Tree peony species:
Japanese: 93 species, 4520 roots
American: 7 species, 210 roots
Chinese: 6 species, 150 roots
French: 3 species: 120 roots

■ Peony: American and Japanese: 30 species, 30,000 roots

■ Flower calendar
Beginning February - mid-March: Plum
Beginning February - end March: Daffodil
Mid-April: Cherry blossom
Mid-April - end May: Spring tree peony
Beginning May - end May: Rabbit-ear iris
Mid-May - end May: Peony
Mid-June - beginning July: Hydrangea


● Access:
From train station: Get off a train at Karatsu Station on the JR Karatsu Line and Chikuhi Line, get on a bus bound for Takakushi, Irino, Hoshika or Nouso via Kirigo at Oteguchi Bus Center, get off at “Botan to Midori no Oka Iriguchi” stop, and walk for 3 minutes
Car: 60-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Taku IC

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 140 cars (free of charge)

● Entry Fees:
During the season: 500 yen for adult or high school student, 300 yen for elementary or junior-high school student
Others: 300 yen for adult or high school student, 100 yen for elementary or junior-high school student

● Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (admission ends at 16:30)

● Closed: December 29 - January 1 of the following year

● Contacts:
Botan to Midori no Oka Park Administration Office, Tel: +81-955-53-2032
Hizen Branch Office, Karatsu City Government, Tel: +81-955-53-7145


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