Takakushi Hot Springs "Karatsu Hizen Welfare Center"

Takakushi Hot Springs "Karatsu Hizen Welfare Center"

Takakushi Hot Springs 'Karatsu Hizen Welfare Center' Hizen town, Karatsu city is known as the stage of director Shohei Imamura's movie, Nianchan. The hot spring of this town is a combination of the Takakushi source spring and Takakushi No. 2 spring. 10 tones of 28 degree C. water are pumped up each day. The sodium hydrogen carbonate/chloride water emulsifies fat and secretion, then washes them away, cleansing the skin and creating beautiful soft skin in hot water that feels like silk. It is an onsen with a solid reputation for being a "Bijin-no-Yu" (bath of beauty). The unique feature is how the skin feels smooth when soaking, followed by a fresh feel after getting out. The knack to beautiful skin is said to be to not rinse off after getting out of the bath, but merely dry oneself lightly with a towel. Takakushi onsen is said to be effective for a wide range of ailments including nerve pain, joint pain, poor circulation and fatigue relief. Every Sunday, the Hizen Takakushi Big Fish Market is held, which gathers the bounty of the mountain and sea at the Takakushi fish market close by the onsen.


● Access:
From train station: Get off a train at Karatsu Station on the JR Karatsu Line and Chikuhi Line, get on a bus bound for Takakushi (via Kirigo or Ariura) at Oteguchi Bus Center and get off at “Takakushi Fukushi Center Mae” stop
Car: 70-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Taku IC

● Entry Fees: 410 yen for adult, 310 yen for junior-high school student, 200 yen for elementary school student or younger

● Opening Hours: 10:00 - 20:00

● Closed: 1st and 15th days of every month and December 30 - January 1 of the following year

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 40 cars (free of charge)

● Contact: Takakushi Hot Springs "Karatsu Hizen Welfare Center", Tel: +81- 955-54-0282


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