Japanese Mitten Crab Dishes

Japanese Mitten Crab Dishes

Japanese Mitten Crab Dishes Tsugani is a crab of dark-green in color which lives upstream in Tashima River. It tastes particularly good from late autumn to winter when it travels downstream to lay eggs. Its rich flavor can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including boiling with salt or as kanimeshi, with rice. It is known as a typical autumn cuisine in the Nanayama area.


● Access:
From train station: Get on a bus traveling to Nanayama at JR Hamasaki Station, and get off at Nanayama stop
Car: About an hour drive along Route 323 from Saga toward Nanayama

● Available at different restaurants in Nanayama. Prices vary by restaurants

● Contact: Nanayama Branch Office, Karatsu City Government, Tel: +81-955-53-7175

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