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Saga, facing its two different type of oceans and fertile vast plains in between, is endowed with plentiful of well-known fishery, agricultural and livestock products.  As for delicious foods from the sea, from the North very fresh seafood such as squid  (also known as Ikizukuri) caught in the sea of Genkai are famous, and from the South Takezaki crab, oyster and top quality laver cultivated in nutritious sea of Ariake are alluringly delicious.  Saga produces various fruits such as strawberry, mandarin orange and pear, vegetables and quality rice which grows in rich soil.  Saga also boasts one of the highest graded Japanese Black Wagyu cattle, branded as Saga Beef and the delicious pork and chicken from particularly breeding farms.

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With its fertile soil that produces quality rice and pure water, two important ingredients for sake brewing, Saga is famous for tasty sake.  Among several sakes produced in Saga a brand was awarded Ginjo-Daiginjo Trophy at the International Wine Challenge in 2011.  As the hillside of Ureshino provides suitable climate for tea growing, the city is known for its top quality Japanese green tea.  Made from fresh fruits and vegetables delicious pure juice is also a popular product of Saga.

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Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Introduction of popular local cuisine that uses local Saga ingredients.

Sicilian Rice

Sicilian RiceUsually a plate of warm rice with stir-fried meat and raw vegetables on top, plus some mayonnaise. Restaurants add their original twist when serving Sicilian Rice.

Ureshino Hot springs Boiled Tofu

Ureshino Hot springs Boiled TofuWhen letting tofu simmer in the hot spring water at the Ureshino Hot springs, the broth becomes milky white and the hot spring minerals make the tofu very soft. Characterized by its texture and milky soup, the boiled tofu is a specialty dish at Ureshino Hot springs. The tofu is made of soybeans produced in Saga Prefecture (Ureshino) only.

Kanzaki Japanese Vermicelli Tea-ceremony Dish

Kanzaki Japanese Vermicelli Tea-ceremony DishThere is a variety of Kanzaki Vermicelli noodles, all made with pure spring water and high-quality wheat flour. Famous restaurant chefs use the Kanzaki Vermicelli to create these tea-ceremony dishes.

Restaurant Information

Restaurant Information

The “Michelin Guide Fukuoka & Saga 2014 Special Edition” was announced in July 2014. Come and enjoy the three 2-star Michelin- acknowledged restaurants and many other delicious dishes in Saga!


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