Emergency Number

An emergency phone call can be made free of charge from any phone including public pay phones.


Call 110 to report an accident or crime to the police call center.


Call 119 to report a fire or to ask for an ambulance or rescue service or to contact an emergency call center (fire station).

English call center is available.(24/7 service)

※Saga Area only.

Japan Coast Guard

Call 118 to report an accident or crime at sea to Japan Coast Guard.

Saga Prefectural Tourism Federation Information Center

TEL:+81-952-26-6754 (Mon. to Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. JST)

Hospital Information

A limited number of hospitals are available in English and other foreign languages.

99SagaNet provides a search service of hospitals by language, hospital department and area.
Search Hospital by 99SagaNet

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