About Driving

Observe the rules and show good manners while driving.

About Renting a Car

International driving permits

International driving permitsDo you have a valid driver’s license for Japan?
To drive in Japan, you need to show your driver’s license or translated license documents depending on your country of residence.


ReservationsTo reserve a rental car, visit a car rental company’s website and enter the required information, including your name, phone number, and rental dates, into the online reservation form provided. Go to the car rental company on your reserved pick-up date, and fill in the documents to complete the procedure.

  • What to bring: Your international driving permit, passport, credit card, etc.
  • Be sure to fill up the gas tank before you return the car.

ETC Card for Rent

ETC Card for RentETC stands for Electronic Toll Collection. The ETC system can be used by inserting the ETC card into the in-vehicle device. Drivers can pass smoothly through toll gates with ETC. You can find the ETC card option on rental car reservation forms.

GPS Navigation

GPS NavigationMost rental cars come with a GPS navigation system built into the dashboard. The system in some vehicles can be set to display the map and menus and read directions in English, however, English language systems are not available at every rental company. Whether the GPS system is in English or not, most users will find it easy to input their destinations by simply entering the phone number of their destination.

Passing through Expressway Toll Gates

Sign to alert a toll gateAbout toll gates: All of the expressways run by West Nippon Expressway Company Ltd. (NEXCO) are toll roads. Both the distance-based toll system and flat-rate toll system are used. On distance-based toll roads, drivers are required to take a ticket issued when they enter the road and pay a toll according to the distance travelled at their exit toll gate.



General Vehicle (No ETC)

SignAt the entrance
While drivers usually need to take a ticket at their entrance gate and pay a toll at their exit gate, the advance payment system is also being used on some roads, including urban expressways.


TicketTicket Dispensers
Stop at the entrance gate and take a ticket from the ticket dispenser. Make sure not to lose your ticket since you need to show it at the exit toll gate.


Toll CollectorsToll Collectors
Pass your ticket to the tollgate attendant and pay the toll. At unattended toll gates found at some interchanges, put your ticket into the toll collection machine and insert the amount of money as displayed on the machine.

  • In Japan, You have to keep to the left!!
    On Expressway, On Local road Cars drive on the left side of the road, with the driver’s seat and steering wheel on the right side.
    Speed limits are 80 to 100 km/h on expressways, 40 km/h in urban areas, and 50 to 60 km/h elsewhere.
  • Traffic Lights

    Green arrows on traffic lights Green arrow on traffic lights Cars may proceed in the direction of the green arrow, even if the circular light is yellow or red. (right-turn arrows are installed at many intersections)

    Blinking Traffic Lights Blinking Traffic Lights Blinking red light : Stop briefly, then proceed with caution.
    Blinking yellow light : Proceed with caution.

  • No-overtaking zones

    Solid yellow center lines indicate no passing zones.
    Solid yellow center lines indicate no passing zones.

    Broken while center lines signify an ordinary zone.
    Broken center lines signify an ordinary zone.

Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited Drinking and driving is severely punished.

Road Signs
Various road signs are placed along ordinary roads.
Always drive safely according to the signs.

Road Signs

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