Yamauchi Roadside Station "Kurokami No Sato"

Yamauchi Roadside Station "Kurokami No Sato"

Yamauchi Roadside Station 'Kurokami No Sato' Yamauchi town has a strong farming and livestock industry, as well as an abundance of nature around Mount Kurokami, which is still shrouded in the “Defeat of the Giant Serpent of Mount Kurokami" legend. The roadside stop, Kurokami-no-Sato, sells local specialties. You will find plenty of dishes which use fresh, locally-grown vegetables and the rare black rice, such as the noodle dishes of udon, soba and ramen, or soft, freshly-baked black rice bread. The anpan bread made from black rice is immensely popular and always sells out quickly, so make sure to get yours early on. Highly unique ceramic and porcelain wares fired in the kilns of Yamauchi town are also on display and available for purchase. There is a section called the "Yakimono-no-Taiken Corner" where visitors can try their hand at decorating Raku-yaki pottery. Roadside stop Kurokami-no-Sato is a new tourist attraction crammed full of the delights of Yamauchi town.


● Access:
From train station: 3-minute taxi ride from Mimasaka Station on the JR Sasebo Line
Car: 20-minute drive from Nagasaki Expressway Takeo-Kitagata IC or 20-minute drive from Nishi-kyushu Expressway Hasami-Arita IC

● Parking Lot: Accommodates 73 cars (free of charge)

● Opening Hours: 8:30 - 18:00

● Closed: December 31 - January 3

● Contact: Yamauchi Roadside Station “Kurokami No Sato”, Tel: +81-954-45-6009


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