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Genkai and Hizen town are located in the northwest of Saga. The area is rich with history and nature.

Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum

Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum The Nagoya Castle was built as a base for the invasion of Korea 420 years ago by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who unified Japan. The castle was used as the Japanese invasion base for the Asian continent from 1592 until 1598.

The Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum was opened in 1993, aimed at being the central facility for preservation and maintenance of the Nagoya castle ruins and encampment sites. This is a national historic site. The museum is dedicated to documenting and preserving historical exchange between Japan and the Korean Peninsula from the battle of Bunroku Keicho era. It also plays a part in promoting friendship for the future.

A Map of Hizen Nagoya Castle

A Map of Hizen Nagoya CastleThis folding screen shows the landscape of the Hizen Nagoya Castle; it shows the image of the castle in the summer of 1593. The Hizen Nagoya Castle and also the encampment sites are depicted.
Kabeshima Island, the Nagoya bay and the cape of Hado in the picture.
It was found in 1968, until then it was said that Nagoya Castle was no castle keep, however in this picture; a 5 layer 7 floor castle keep is shown.

The Mystery of Hizen Nagoya Castle

'The Mystery of Hizen Nagoya Castle' app At the museum, a rental tablet is available to use so you can see and learn more information about many of the items on display.

While using the Nagoya Castle official guide app, you can take part in ‘The Mystery of Hizen Nagoya Castle’ in which you can explore the museum while answering quizzes and trying to solve the mystery.

‘The Mystery of Hizen Nagoya Castle’ app has 5 languages.

The Virtual Nagoya Castle

Today, at the site, only the base stones of the Hizen Nagoya Castle remain. However, by viewing the castle via the app, a high resolution computer generated image of the original castle will appear on the screen of the tablet or even your smartphone. You can then take a picture of the image that has been generated.


The rental tablets with these apps pre-installed are offered free to use at the museum.


The Virtual Nagoya Castle The Virtual Nagoya Castle


Address: 1931-3 Nagoya, Chinzei-cho, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture 847-0401
Tel: +81 0955-82-4905

Sunset and Terraced Rice Paddy Fields at Hamanoura

Sunset and Terraced Rice Paddy Fields at Hamanoura The Hamanoura, set in a small bay is famous for its terraced rice paddy fields. The large and small rice paddy fields are spread out like a ladder from the ocean. The sunset ocean view is especially beautiful and it is recognized as one of Japans 100 terraced rice paddy fields. It’s also a popular dating spot and designated as one of the lover’s sanctuaries in Japan.

Address: Genkai-cho, Higashimatsuura-gun, Saga
Tel: +81-955-51-3007


Please visit the history and nature rich towns of Genkai and Hizen.

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